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The drug Testabol Depot 350 from the company the British Dragon Pharmaceuticals at least a Platinum – is a long-acting , strong anabolic and androgenic steroid for injectable use. As a sports doping, it is most effective and is used by athletes in strength and mass training courses (solo or combined).


The drug based on ethyl oleate contains the active ingredient testosterone enanthate at a concentration of 350 mg per 1 ml . Testosterone enanthate is an extended ester of the hormone, active up to 2-3 weeks after application. It is characterized by pronounced anabolic and androgenic properties, identical to endogenous testosterone, therefore it is recommended for men, but not allowed for women (testosterone products are capable of causing virilization due to their high androgenicity ).

Testabol Depot 350, when properly structured and conducted as a sports doping, develops the following effects:  

  • Fast set of muscle mass;
  • Pumping ;
  • Acceleration of recovery;
  • Increased appetite;
  • Increased strength;
  • Increased endurance;
  • Improving joint function;
  • Strengthening bones;
  • Increased desire to exercise.

Possible side effects of Testabol Depot 350: acne , oily skin, sweating, increased aggression, anxiety, increased libido, water retention, female-type fat growth, gynecomastia in men, and others, due to high androgenic or estrogenic activity. It is important that, if the recommendations are followed, complications, as a rule, have a mild transient nature or are completely absent, without interfering with the athlete’s normal life.

Testabol Depot (350 mg / ml, 10 ml) from British Dragon Pharmaceuticals Platinum is an aromatizing ( converting to estrogen), but not gestagenic (no progestogenic properties) and non-toxic to the liver (no hepatotoxicity ) steroid, which reduces its risk. The possible side effects of the course include mainly androgenic and estrogenic side effects, and the latter can be really prevented (or eliminated) by connecting the use of an antiestrogen , such as anastrozole (drug Anastrodin )


The use of the drug for maximum progress for sports purposes is carried out for a long time – on average up to 8 weeks, but also longer (depending on the tasks, experience, needs and tolerance of the substance by the body).

The recommended dosage of Testabol Depot 350 for sports purposes is 350-700 mg per week (respectively 1-2 ml per week), which in most cases is sufficient to achieve optimal results without critical consequences.

A course of injections of Testabol Depot 350 in solo is a rare practice. As a testosterone product, the drug is effectively combined with virtually any relevant sports pharmacology, which athletes are willing to use.

Examples of combined courses Testabol Depot 350: for beginners – with methandienone ; for more experienced athletes – with methandienone and nandrolone decanoate ; on the mass for experienced athletes – with trenbolone enanthate ; strength for beginners – with injectable stanozolol ; and others according to preferences.

The course of Testabol Depot 350, especially the combined one, is followed by post-cycle therapy upon completion . The steroid is practically safe if the recommendations are followed, but it is still able to suppress the production of natural testosterone . As a post – cycle therapy drug, as a rule, either tamoxifen or clomiphene is taken (both are capable of restoring natural testosterone).


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