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Do you know anyone who has been in an abusive relationship? This is something that thousands of people have to deal with. There are many reasons why a person might end up in an abusive relationship, but the most common reason is mental health issues. It is not uncommon for a person who has been abused by their partner to develop a mental illness as a result. These disorders can range anywhere from anxiety and depression to bipolar disorder and even bi-polar disorder. It takes professional help to diagnose the problem so that you can be aware of it and do what it takes to get treatment.

Abusive relationships can take a wide variety of forms. The physical aspect of it can include punching, hitting, pushing, and holding down a person. Emotional abuse involves

  • coaxing,
  • convincing,
  • intimidating,
  • or abusing a person’s sense of self worth.

Physical abuse is sometimes the most obvious form and can be the hardest to prove.

There are ways that you can tell if your potential date is suffering from mental health problems. If someone continues to deny that they have an issue, keeps talking about “love” and “family”, then it is a good indication that they are not getting proper care.

Dating someone who has been in an abusive relationship can be emotionally difficult, but it is possible to work through it and have a successful relationship. If your potential date has been married before or is dating someone who has been married before, be wary. There may be something hiding underneath the veneer of being nice.

Some people use online dating services to get into a relationship with someone who has been in an abusive relationship. Just like anyone else using such services, you should research any relationship seriously. Just because you have met in person doesn’t mean that you know each other all that well. If you are dating someone who was in an abusive relationship and they have since moved out, that does not necessarily mean that they are safe to date. Do some serious soul searching and make sure the relationship is not going to end in divorce.

Abusive relationships can also perpetuate themselves through psychological violence. This is when someone manipulating and controlling over another person, usually with their use of power. They will hit, shout, and have all sorts of unwanted things said to the person they are controlling. Psychological violence often starts out as a joke between children and gets later turned into more aggressive behavior. You must be aware of the signs and decide if you believe someone is abusing you.

Help yourself

It may be helpful to talk to a professional counselor or therapist if this is a problem. One of the first warning signs is depression. If you feel that person is depressed, get away from them. This could lead to all sorts of problems and possibly even suicide. You should also be on the lookout for anger issues. This may stem from a history of being bullied or being pushed around in your family.

There are warning signs that someone who has been in an abusive relationship may not want to discuss. They may be too secretive about their history. Some people will only tell their closest friends. It is possible to spot some personality changes in them when you start talking to them and see what their life is like. If the person seems disinterested in spending time with you, that is a red flag that they do not care if they continue to be with you or not.

The best advice on dating someone who was in an abusive relationship is to never let the person go after them. It will only make things worse. Stay strong and do not give up. You will eventually find someone who is worth your time. Remember, no one is perfect and if you find that person at an event where they were abused, you have to be very careful and remain supportive. It would be better to put up with someone who was in an abusive relationship than to end up on the streets with them.